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It’s obvious to us all that one of the challenges caused by COVID-19 is that many organizations have found themselves, almost overnight, managing a completely remote workforce. For many this is a profound change in the way they work. Even for those who’ve experienced remote working, this is an extreme situation where every employee is required to work from a different location.

What has emerged, however, is confirmation that—given the right environment—remote Agile teams can be highly productive. Indeed, we are now starting to hear from organizations that plan to continue with some degree of remote working even once this crisis subsides. This approach may well reduce the cost of maintaining a physical office space and has the potential to positively impact the environment by minimizing the number of people commuting to work.

If remote work is to become a model for the future, then it is paramount for leaders and teams to build on the lessons learned today. Our new Advanced Topic article, “Working Successfully in Agile with Remote Team Members,” combines our experiences of working with remote teams with strategies and success patterns from the SAFe community.

Thanks for all who contributed to the article, and Stay SAFe!
— Andy and the Framework team

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