The latest articles in the SAFe® for Government series are now live!

The latest articles in the SAFe® for Government series are now live!

SAFe Framework Updates

It’s been quite a journey, but we’re excited to announce that the last two articles in the SAFe for Government series are finished and live on!

Respectively, articles eight and nine cover:
Building in quality and compliance
Adapting governance practices to support agility and Lean flow of value

By completing these articles, we’re reaffirming our commitment to ensuring that the guidance and thought leadership contained in the SAFe® for Government course is freely available on the Framework website. Learners completing the course can use these articles to review for the certification exam. Leaders guiding a SAFe transformation in a government program or agency can refer back to these articles to help navigate the challenges typically encountered with Agile adoption in the public sector. System integrators and consultants competing for contracts with government agencies can reference the best practices in this guidance to describe their technical and project management approaches for executing the contract using SAFe.

There are two ways you can access this new content. Click each individual article title in the bullets above or click the government icon in the SAFe Big Picture to jump to the government landing page.

Remember, we’re constantly updating the government landing page with new content, resources, videos, events, and more, so bookmark it and check back often.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the many members of the SAFe community who contributed to the development of the SAFe® for Government course and the related Framework articles. This work represents the best thinking and experiences of experts from both government and the private sector who have been pioneering Agile and DevOps adoption in this market for many years. Without their contributions, the course and articles would not have been possible.

We look forward to the ongoing conversation with the SAFe in government community, and to evolving and improving the support we provide to those who serve the citizens of our communities and our nations.

Be SAFe!


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