Three creative ways SAFe is leveraged in the field: Porsche Digital, Fadata, and University of South Florida

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We enjoy monitoring the news to see what our customers are up to with SAFe and recently we bumped into some articles that you might find inspiring:

  • Turbo-boost collaboration with SAFe-friendly spaces
    As many of us return to the office, we’re reminded how important it is to have physical spaces that support SAFe practices such as daily standups, team meetings, and PI Planning. Here’s a great example from Germany. Healthcare platform provider Fadata created SAFe-friendly spaces to increase and promote collaboration, boost creativity, and raise employee happiness. It’s a great article with lots of photos.
  • Break down mindset and practices in a way that helps business people
    To achieve business agility with SAFe, the mindset, principles, and practices must extend beyond development to the business side of the enterprise. We see that trend growing with our customers, but we also know it’s not always easy to communicate the new way of working to the uninitiated. This article from Sarah Ouis and Robert Wegele of Porsche Digital does an excellent job of explaining how an agile approach can enhance the quality of teamwork within and between business and software engineering teams.
  • Accelerate innovation with SAFe—win a Gartner award!
    The University of South Florida needed to rapidly develop an app for their Return to Campus/Campus Pass that included a daily symptom tracker. With the help of SAFe, they developed a strategy that leveraged hyperautomation and composable architecture, which meant building pieces of technology like LEGO blocks that could be rapidly assembled and re-assembled to create new solutions as demands changed. Due to the success of this strategy, they won the prestigious Gartner 2021 Eye on Innovation Award for Higher Education. Read all about it here.


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