Translated Business Agility Assessment – Now Available in 5 Languages

Translated Business Agility Assessment – Now Available in 5 Languages

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Successful enterprises routinely measure progress to determine whether they are meeting their business outcomes, delighting customers, and improving their ways of working. Indeed, this is the hallmark of the ‘Learning Organization’. In support of this, we recently announced updated SAFe Metrics guidance – a simple, yet comprehensive, model applicable at every level of the organization.

This approach is built on three measurement domains, Flow, Outcomes, and Competency. Measuring competency helps determine the level of proficiency in Lean-Agile practices necessary for achieving business agility. This is done via the SAFe assessments – a single Business Agility Assessment to understand the overall progress of the portfolio and seven Core Competency Assessments to uncover specific growth opportunities.

Recent updates to the Business Agility Assessment have amplified its importance. The removal of SAFe specific terminology now makes this an ideal starting point for an organization that wants to create a sense of urgency ahead of beginning its SAFe journey. Moreover, the resultant data provides critical input to their transformation plan. Periodically rerunning the assessment then helps these organizations celebrate their wins and focus on the next steps of their journey.

Because of this critical role the Business Agility Assessment needs to be accessible, without any barriers to entry. In support of this, we are now delighted to announce it is now available in 4 additional languages as part of our ongoing localization strategy.


SAFe Business Agility Assessment Chinese (simplified)


You can download the assessment in English, Chinese (simplified), German, Japanese, and Korean from the Measure and Grow article today. These additional languages will also soon be available through the Comparative Agility and Agility Health assessment platforms accessible via the SAFe Community Platform.

We will keep you updated as we continue to make more languages available.

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