Case Study:
From Waterfall to Enterprise Agility in 22 Months

Allen Rutzen ( and Sunil Roy ( presented this case study at Agile India 2014. This “big data” enterprise is a highly distributed company with development in multiple locations in the US and India. During their move to agile, they used multiple agile methods and consultants, eventually evolving to a SAFe implementation.

One of the most impressive things about this case study is the scope and timing: they transformed 520 practitioners into 66 Agile Teams in just under 22 months! Other key achievements to date (it’s still a journey…. for all of us….) include:

  • Decreased time to market by 27 weeks
  • Bug Fixes decreased from months to hours
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Happier employees

And when I asked Allen about Quality results, he replied:

When I asked Allen about quality, he noted “via a cooperative effort between the agile programs, and Quality and Lean Offices, we’ve reduced Defect rates, customer reported issues and reships to historical lows, and we have maintained these levels for more than a year.

Great job guys! You can download their presentation from Agile India here:

Download Waterfall to Agile Case Study