Exciting new book: SAFe for DevOps Practitioners

Exciting new book: SAFe for DevOps Practitioners


If you attended a DevOps conference several years ago, you would have seen sessions filled with deep discussions on technical, architectural, and coding practices. Over time, the DevOps community has increased interest in other areas, including Lean-Agile methods, leadership, and organizational change. Indeed, for DevOps to succeed, the tooling and technical practices must integrate with the new ways of working. Organizations need to think of them holistically as we do in SAFe.

In his new book, SAFe for DevOps Practitioners, Bob Wen connects the SAFe principles and practices enabling business agility to the technical methods and tooling espoused by DevOps. What grabbed my attention is how Wen structured the book around SAFe’s CALMR and Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) structures and provides a deep dive into the various DevOps practices and tools that enable them.

SAFe practitioners will connect with the book’s organizing structure around CALMR and the Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) and see how relevant DevOps technical tooling and techniques apply. And we can use it to show DevOps practitioners how their technical and tooling practices align with SAFe’s principles and practices to enable business agility across the enterprise.

While the book can be read from cover to cover, I think it will also be useful as a reference. A reader familiar with SAFe’s CALMR and CDP organizing structures will find value in reading individual sections to connect SAFe topics to the appropriate DevOps tooling and practices.

Practitioners in the SAFe and DevOps communities help enterprises build some of the world’s most important systems. SAFe change agents enable business agility in most of the Global 2000, helping those enterprises survive and thrive in the digital age. DevOps practitioners in these same organizations provide the tooling and technical processes that deliver digital products faster and more reliably. SAFe for DevOps Practitioners shows how SAFe change agents and DevOps practitioners work together to accelerate business success.

I hope you find this new book as useful in your SAFe transformations as I think you will. Check it out in our Books section, including a link to purchase options on Amazon.

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Harry Koehnemann

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  1. Robert Wen

    05 Feb 2023 - 7:29 am

    Thank you for the kind words and guiding me along in my SAFe learning journey, Harry!

    • harry

      06 Feb 2023 - 2:44 pm

      My pleasure Bob. Congratulations on this accomplishment!

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