SAFe and Rally help UK’s leading building materials supplier eliminate waste while moving forward on its Lean-Agile journey

Transforming a giant, legacy-burdened bureaucracy into a nimble 21st Century organization that can cope with the complex demands of today’s marketplace is not for the faint of heart. But that didn’t stop Travis Perkins—a 200-year old UK-based supplier of building materials—from taking on the challenge.

In 2014, Travis Perkins teamed up with Rally Software to embark on a three-year transformation plan with full Lean-Agile adoption across 160 engineers, 45 business delivery analysts and 50 service support and operations staff. Utilizing Kanban and SAFe, their primary objectives were to eliminate wasted work and accelerate ROI while increasing motivation and empowerment across its teams.

Before going Agile, the organization had no structured improvement methodology in place, and improvements were implemented using conventional project management principles and leveraged through their branch network. After a year into the transformation, the company successfully completed its first 12-week Agile Release Train (ART), inspired team confidence, and have pointed to SAFe as making it “… easier for us to focus on what has the most business value. Instead of delivery perceived value, we’re now delivering actual value.”

For a deeper dive into the details, here is the Rally Software case study, and Information Age Article:

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