Case study: channel marketing leader improves engagement, achieves more predictable delivery

Case study: channel marketing leader improves engagement, achieves more predictable delivery

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“SAFe helped us with a magic formula to bring alignment across all teams at an enterprise level, which we struggled to achieve previously. Scalability, visibility, predictability, and most importantly alignment, have improved drastically in the past year. SAFe has become integral to how we develop, deploy, and deliver our technology to customers. In short, SAFe helped us to re-define and invigorate our product development initiatives.”
Ramesh Nori, SPC, Director of Agile PMO and Agile Coach

Our latest case study comes from SproutLoud, a fast-growing leader in the channel marketing business. When they opened their doors in 2006 with six people, traditional development approaches got the job done. But as the company expanded to nearly 200 employees and established an international presence, the old models weren’t scaling to meet the demands and growing complexity of the larger organization.

The company found SAFe to be the ideal solution for addressing their most pressing pain points, which included lack of alignment between IT and business, no prioritization, and centralized decision-making. With backing from the executive team, they moved forward quickly with deploying the Framework.

From the get-go, SproutLoud understood that investing in SAFe training would provide a stable foundation for a successful transformation. They started with sending one person to get certified as SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC), and following that, teams went through SAFe® for Teams while managers took Leading SAFe®. Then they launched the first Program Increment in 2015 with teams and business owners, bringing much-needed alignment between the two groups.

Today, SproutLoud runs one ART with 10 teams in the company. IT leaders credit the Framework with resolving challenges, leading to a direct impact on delivering value to clients:

  • Upgrades on a two-week cycle
  • Higher code quality through continuous delivery
  • Improved collaboration between stakeholders, which resulted in better product definition
  • A focus on value delivery
  • Enhanced alignment between the business and IT
  • A higher priority on innovation and education

For more details on SproutLoud’s SAFe story, check out the case study.

Special thanks to those who helped create the SproutLoud case study, including Ramesh Nori, Director of Agile PMO and Agile Coach; and Anjan Upadhya, CTO.

Stay SAFe,

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