Field Notes from SAFe Thought Leaders

Field Notes from SAFe Thought Leaders

Lessons from the Trenches SAFe Updates

Hello Folks,

We’ve just returned from our first Regional SAFe Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. I hope to provide an update on that fairly soon. It’s a busy time but we’re good at multitasking and I wanted to share a couple of new thought leadership items that We’ve found in the SAFe community.

SAFe SPCT Yuval Yeret from Scaled Agile Gold SPCT Partner AgileSparks has written a blog post, ‘Scaling Agile Marketing with SAFe – Overview.‘ He observes that, just like development organizations working on huge systems and solutions, more marketing organizations today are realizing that they need to be faster, more flexible, responsive, and collaborative. They need SAFe, and he provides a very detailed overview of using the Framework for Agile Marketing

SPC Cindy VanEpps, from Gold Partner 321 Gang, has posted an interesting webcast, ‘Medical Devices and SAFe: A Tale of Two Systems,’ which compares and contrasts the development of medical device systems using a traditional waterfall process and SAFe. She highlights the experiences, learnings, economic, and regulatory outcomes of each of these development efforts. Although the systems discussed are hypothetical, they represent the realities she’s encountered.

We’re busy planning for the 2018 Global SAFe Summit in Washington, DC, Oct. 1 – 5. If you haven’t registered for that one yet, please note that discounted early bird registration ends this month.

Stay SAFe!



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