How close are you to being a truly Lean Enterprise? Find out with our new assessment.

How close are you to being a truly Lean Enterprise? Find out with our new assessment.

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When we recently announced SAFe® 4.6, we introduced the Five Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise. These are:

These competencies describe the knowledge, skills, and mindset that enable an organization to operate in a truly Lean fashion and better navigate the complex challenges of digital disruption. You can read about each competency in more detail by clicking on each of their respective icons in the SAFe Big Picture but how do you know if you’re getting close to becoming a Lean Enterprise or not?

To help you answer this question, we developed a Lean Enterprise Assessment. Building on the SAFe DevOps Health Radar we released last year, our newest assessment splits each competency into three sub-dimensions that define scoring categories as ‘sit, crawl, walk, run, or fly’ and include descriptions of what each one might look like. The result is presented in a radar chart, as illustrated below.

Here’s an example: For the Lean-Agile Leadership competency, ‘crawl’ in the Lean-Agile Mindset sub-dimension means leaders have been trained in Lean and Agile and ‘walk’ means leaders are starting to exhibit Lean-Agile mindset and behaviors.

So, for each competency, you can see what all of the stages look like in terms of business agility and identify what actions you can take to get to the next level.

Keep in mind that it’s better to move from a ‘crawl’ to a ‘walk’ across all sub-dimensions versus going to ‘fly’ in one, while leaving the rest at a ‘crawl.’ Why? Because we’re taking a balanced, systems view in our journey to business agility, not locally optimizing just one sub-dimension. And remember that the assessment is designed as a guide to help you create a growth plan. This new Lean Enterprise Assessment also forms the basis of the latest version of our SAFe Executive Workshop Toolkit that’s available to Certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs).

Becoming a truly Lean enterprise can make the difference between just surviving and thriving in a world driven by digital transformation. Take the assessment to see where your enterprise is right now, identify areas that you need to address, and discover specific steps you can take to improve.

You can download the Lean Enterprise Assessment (an Excel spreadsheet) from the Metrics article on this website. As always, please use comments to let us know what you think.

Stay SAFe!

—Inbar Oren

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Inbar Oren

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  1. Bruce H. Robinson

    13 May 2021 - 3:03 am

    Hey, the article on Lean Enterprise is up to date, which definitely help novice like me. Lean Enterprise Assessment was really new to me and possibly for some other people as well.

    • harry

      26 Aug 2021 - 2:24 pm

      Thanks for the comment, Bruce. We are glad it helped.

  2. Teresa Weeks

    15 Jun 2020 - 11:03 am

    This article mentions SAFe 4.6 and the 5 Competencies. Is there an updated version for 5.0, or should we continue to use this assessment?

    • Steve Mayner

      16 Jun 2020 - 12:53 pm

      Teresa, the Measure and Grow article ( includes a link to the Business Agility assessment. Additionally, each competency includes links to assessments for each competency. All are 5.0. Hope that helps!

  3. Amy Morgan

    09 Apr 2020 - 6:56 am

    Hello, You have a typo in the Radar Chart. “Continuish Integration.”

    • Andrew Sales

      13 Apr 2020 - 10:03 am

      Hi Amy.

      Thank you for your comment. As part of the Enterprise Solution Delivery core competency we recognize that large, cyber-physical systems are far more difficult to continuously integrate. ‘Continuish integration’, is the phrase we use to describe the process of balancing the economic tradeoffs between the transaction cost of integrating versus delayed knowledge and feedback. The goal in these situations is frequent partial integration with at least one full solution integration each PI.

      More information can be found in the Enterprise Solution Delivery core competency article:

      Many thanks,

  4. Liat Kordovani

    29 Mar 2020 - 1:57 pm

    very comprehensive questionnaire. TX,
    For Delivery organizations
    you may want to consider adding another dimension that checks the contracts agility and how well is the process of adjusting the scope to the time box with the customer.

    • Harry Koehnemann

      30 Mar 2020 - 8:23 am

      Thanks for the comment Liat. Contracting and contractors are certainly critical to business success. The Business Agility assessment does assess if contractors have been trained in Lean-Agile practices. And, although it is not a specific assessment question, SAFe has guidance for creating Agile contracts with those contractors.

  5. Greg Pfister

    20 Feb 2019 - 7:40 am

    The download link for this assessment is not working for me. It ultimately points here:
    This link give an error.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Steve Mayner

      01 Mar 2019 - 10:56 am

      Thanks for the heads up Greg! I just tested it and it seems to work now. Please try it again, and if it is still not working for you please reach out to our Customer Success Team ( and they can help you with additional troubleshooting.

      Be SAFe!

      Dr. Steve Mayner
      SAFe Fellow

      • Leise Astrid Passer Jensen

        02 Mar 2019 - 10:57 am

        The link still gives an error

        • Steve Mayner

          04 Mar 2019 - 7:08 am

          The link behind the download button should be pointing to Check that link and see if it works. If it still doesn’t work for you, please open a ticket with our Customer Success Team ( They can work with our IT team to investigate.

          Thanks for letting us know!

          Dr. Steve Mayner
          SAFe Fellow

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