Mik + 1 Podcast with Dean: Practices and Behaviors of High-performing Teams

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Hi Folks,

I recently sat down with one of my heroes, Mik Kersten, to talk about what it means to be a high-performing team.

Mik wrote Project to Product, a breakthrough book that is influencing the way many businesses are tackling the challenges of digital disruption. His podcast series, Mik + 1, delivers “nothing-off-the-record” conversations with industry leaders that run the gamut from digital transformation to delivering software at scale.

In our conversation, we focus on practices and behaviors of high-performing teams, digging into our own experiences on what makes teams thrive. Topics include:

  • The importance of predictability in an enterprise
  • The evolution of the Scrum Master role
  • Measuring the system and outcomes
  • Who owns the Flow competency, outcomes, and improvements
  • What we have seen with large transformations using SAFe
  • How and why the Flow Metrics were incorporated into SAFe 5.1

I even dare to venture into predictions on how this may look in 2025. Click here to tune in.

Stay SAFe,

Author Info

Dean Leffingwell

Recognized as the one of the world’s foremost authorities on Lean-Agile best practices, Dean Leffingwell is an author, entrepreneur, and software development methodologist.

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