New vlog series: Enabling technical agility in the Lean enterprise

New vlog series: Enabling technical agility in the Lean enterprise

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Using new skills, approaches, and technologies, organizations are delivering higher-quality software faster and more predictably. Scaled Agile’s new series of short videos will jump-start your understanding of the core practices and principles of Agile software engineering. Think of this video series as a guide to best practices in software development.

Lean-Agile thought leader Ken Pugh will cover topics that align with the Agile Software Engineering course, offering a sneak peek into key elements including: 

  1. What is ASE? – Introduction to Agile software engineering
  2. Principles and practices of built-in quality 
  3. Accelerating flow – The Value Stream
  4. Testability – A key quality
  5. Thinking test first – Shifting testing left
  6. Discovering story details – Scenarios
  7. Creating shared understanding with Behavior-Driven Development – The scenario becomes a test
  8. Communicating with models – Why? How?
  9. Building systems with code quality – Maintainability
  10. Building systems with design quality – Design to interfaces, not implementations
  11. Implementing with quality – Design with tests
  12. The rest of the story –  Brief insights into other practices 

In the introductory video for our new series, Ken Pugh answers the basic question, “What is ASE?” He outlines Lean-Agile principles and values that form the underlying basis of ASE.  

With many decades of software engineering experience and as co-creator of the Agile Software Engineering course, Ken is an expert at divulging its keys. Test-Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development, Extreme Programming, and Interface-Oriented Design for microservices are among Ken’s areas of expertise. He has authored several books on these topics, and in this video series, you’ll get a condensed version. 

Watch the video here.

Be sure to check back for the second video in the series, which will be all about built-in quality. Ken will share the principles and practices that support building the right thing, and building that thing right.  

Learn more about the Agile Software Engineering course here.

Enjoy the series and stay SAFe,


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