Restructuring the SAFe Advanced Topics Articles

Restructuring the SAFe Advanced Topics Articles


Hi all. As our SAFe guidance grows, we must evolve how we preset the content to our readers. As you know, most of the core SAFe guidance articles are directly accessible from the Big Picture. And we have a large set of additional guidance accessible through the Advanced Topics page. However, that Advanced Topics page has grown and is now overloaded with multiple types of content in addition to advanced Framework topics.

To reflect this growth and the importance of the unique content, we have refactored the Advanced Topics articles into three categories:

  • Extended SAFe Guidance provides additional content to those applying Lean-Agile practices and SAFe that are an integral part of the SAFe knowledge base.
  • Community Contributions provides additional points of view and guidance based on the experiences of our extended SAFe community of experts.
  • SAFe beyond IT provides real-world experiences in building business agility in Operational Value Streams.

You can now access them through a new, Read More, menu item on the home page.

Happy reading and stay SAFe!

— Harry and the SAFe Framework team

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Harry Koehnemann

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