SAFe® for Architects is now live!

SAFe® for Architects is now live!


After a very successful first teach in early March in Boulder, Colorado, we’re thrilled to announce that our latest course—SAFe® for Architects with SAFe® 4 Architect certification—is now live!

Dealing with constantly shifting markets and digital disruption means quickly innovating to get high-quality solutions into customers’ hands faster and more predictably. To do that, architects have to be on board, or the business can’t execute on its vision and objectives.

Architects are critical to successfully adopting SAFe in large part because they connect with developers—if architects understand and are committed to a SAFe transformation, devs most likely will be too. Architects provide technical vision, guidance, and alignment to the people in Agile Release Trains who are building the software and systems. Which is why it’s so critical for architects to understand their roles in a SAFe rollout strategy and be involved early on to help define and enable the organization’s Lean-Agile transformation.

Our newest course, SAFe® for Architects with SAFe® 4 Architect certification, is designed to help architects apply their craft and do their jobs in a Lean-Agile way. Attendees will also learn how to lead from a technical perspective and connect with stakeholders to understand future business goals and ensure support from the technology side of the house. This course targets architects in all areas of the enterprise, whether they identify with the three SAFe architect roles—Enterprise, Solution, or System—or with more domain-specific roles such as business, security, or information architect. Senior technical leads, senior engineers, and technical program managers are also good candidates for this course.

Based on what we’ve learned in our beta teachings, we’ve updated our System and Solution Architect/Engineering and Architectural Runway articles that relate to what architects will learn in this course. And, we’ve updated the Agile Architecture article to align with the flow of this new course.

Check out the course to learn more and find a class near you.

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