What You Can Gain from the 2022 SAFe Summit, Even if You Didn’t Attend

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Hi Folks,

After three long years of virtual events, I came back from our in-person SAFe Summit feeling deeply inspired and energized. Seeing the faces of our community not distorted by Zoom backgrounds, and getting real hugs, was a pleasure that I will never again take for granted. A huge thanks to everyone who attended, our Partner community, and the Scaled Agile team for making this such a memorable, and impactful, event.

For those of you who were unable to attend, there are substantial new resources and tools—presentation videos, new articles, downloads, assessments, and more—that were shared at the Summit. Some are now accessible to everyone; some to members via the SAFe Community Platform. Here’s the rundown:

New SAFe Articles (available to all)

A number of technical workshops and presentations addressed some of the most significant new developments of our time. For the Framework team, these sessions significantly impact where we focus our attention as we develop new guidance. Some of that thinking is already expressed in SAFe content via these new articles:

  • Applying OKRs in SAFe helps align strategy to execution and enables people at every level of the organization to see their work’s impact on achieving business outcomes
  • Accelerating Flow with SAFe and Make Value Flow without Interruptions introduce the eight flow accelerators as a set of practical tools for improving flow across value streams
  • An update to Value Stream Management better aligns to the principles of Lean Thinking and opines a bit on “Value Stream Managers”
  • Succeeding with AI in SAFe identifies factors that are critical in establishing a productive solution development process for AI-based applications
  • Applying SAFe Beyond IT article series provides real-world business agility experiences applying SAFe in Operational Value Streams, or the “business of the business”
  • Two new articles: Applying Kanban in SAFe describes how to establish a Kanban system, the various elements of the Kanban board, and how these systems are connected to help strategy changes flow quickly across value streams, and SAFe Team Kanban describes how to use Kanban as a primary team method
  • The SAFe Scrum and Scrum Master articles have also been updated. Of particular note is the more expansive nature of the Scrum Master responsibilities, now including establishing a Kanban system and coaching flow.

Stay tuned for more on these topics, and others, that will inform the evolution of SAFe.

Summit Launch Tools and Resources

Regardless of language, functional area, or experience, our goal is to empower everyone in the organization to succeed with SAFe. With new features focused on four areas—people in new roles, courseware translation, expanding practices beyond IT, and measuring and improving business agility—the Summit Launch offering includes new workshops, online learning series, expanded language options, articles, reports, assessments, and a new exam platform. Learn more about access here; you’ll also find videos that will guide you through what’s new.

Summit Presentation Videos 

Presentations from the main conference are available to all members via the SAFe Community Platform. This is a treasure trove covering two full days of content from SAFe experts and thought leaders: 34 technical talks, 10 customer stories, and 5 keynotes, including my own keynote, “Accelerate the Flow of Value with SAFe,” and a cool keynote from author Cassandra Worthy, “Master the Chemistry of Change.” Be sure to catch the two featured customer story interviews from Oracle and Southwest Airlines. Both companies overcame great challenges and have much to teach us about the SAFe journey.

I know you’ll find something here that will help you. Wherever your latest gem of insight comes from, know that we are laser-focused on continually providing you with the resources you need to inspire you in your work life, your career, and your practice of SAFe.

Stay SAFe,

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