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It’s no secret to those in a Lean-Agile Transformation that achieving Business Agility requires a significant degree of expertise across SAFe’s seven core competencies. And while each competency can deliver value independently, they are also interdependent in that true business agility can be present only when the enterprise achieves a meaningful state of mastery of all.

Measuring competency is achieved using the SAFe suite of Assessments. The Business Agility Assessment is the highest-level view and is specifically designed for the business and portfolio stakeholders to assess their overall progress on the ultimate goal of true business agility. It provides a summary of proficiency across all seven core competencies.

Since we launched the Business Agility Assessment in January 2020 the data collected across many SAFe Enterprises has allowed us to identify areas for improvement and over the last couple of months, we have been piloting an updated version. A summary of the improvements are as follows:

  • Reduced the number of assessment statements from 64 to 43 to allow both more time for discussion and to improve completion rates.
  • Simplified the construction of the assessment statements to ensure that each statement clearly assesses only a single practice or behavior.
  • Removed SAFe-specific terminology. This improves accessibility and helps organizations in the early stages of their transformation journey assess their general case.
SAFe Business Agility Assessment
SAFe Business Agility Assessment

The new Business Agility Assessment is now available for download from the Measure and Grow article. The original Business Agility Assessment is still available, but we recommend moving to the updated version over time to benefit from the improvements.

All the SAFe assessments are also available online for SAFe community members via our partners Agility Health and Comparative Agility. These platforms provide additional tools for data collection, analysis, comparison, and trending, that the enterprise can use to continually assess progress.

It is our sincere hope that this new version will help enterprises better achieve the business outcomes they deserve.

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  1. James Walter @ Sample Assignment

    22 Jan 2022 - 4:53 am

    I find this post really nice… Thanks for the info, Sir. I’ll save it for sharing with others.
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    31 Jul 2021 - 8:54 pm

    Would like to get details of this program and register if it is free for me

    • harry

      25 Aug 2021 - 5:59 pm

      Hi. The new Business Agility assessment can be downloaded for free from the Measure and Grow page. And SAFe community members have access to online assessments via our partners Agility Health and Comparative Agility.

  3. Pankaj Kumar

    08 Jul 2021 - 11:13 pm

    Dear team,

    I would like to suggest that SAFe community must think about introducing ‘SAFe for Freshers’ or ‘SAFe for Entrant’ level for all freshers/entrant level IT employees. This can be titanic shift idea to introduce and implement. It will server following advantages. I have highlighted its few benefits/advantages below:

    1) Since this course can be part Entrant level employees this will ensure entire Organisation trained/developed in Agile mindset from start
    2) Fill the gaps in mindset of IT employees in large scale
    3) Quickest way/method to have entire Organisation trained and with knowledge holding of SAFe
    4) Encourage other enterprises and Industry to absorb SAFe principles
    5) Will help in big bang knowledge percolation of SAFe (principals and methodologies) in and across teams
    6) Huge increase in SAFe trained workforce and mindset workforce from Start.
    7) SAFe implementation can move from role based to experience based

    Many thanks!
    Pankaj Kumar
    Mobile: +919545761177

    • harry

      26 Aug 2021 - 1:33 pm

      Thanks for the suggestion Pakkaj. We currently focus on role-based training for SAFe roles and augment them with workshops and additional learning for many of the SAFe and Agile practices. If you think there is something specific for SAFe training, please contact our customer service group. We are always looking for input on how to improve our learning offerings. Many thanks!

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