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As readers of this blog will know, the SAFe Assessments are a continual area of focus for us since they support SAFe Enterprises in measuring their proficiency across the seven core competencies required for Business Agility.

We have some important updates to share.

1. Updated Agile Product Delivery Assessment

Based on the learnings and data from the last two years, we recently embarked upon the task of improving all our assessments. It began with updating the Business Agility Assessment and then we replaced and improved the Team and Technical Agility Assessment. I am pleased to announce that we have just completed the new Agile Product Delivery (APD) core competency assessment.

The updated version is available now on the Measure and Grow page and will shortly be available via the AgilityHealth and Comparative Agility platforms for our SAFe Community Members.

One crucial decision that we made when creating this updated APD assessment was only to include statements on two of the three APD dimensions: Customer Centricity & Design Thinking, and Develop on Cadence, Release on Demand. The reason behind this was twofold. Firstly, the third dimension of APD: DevOps and the Continuous Delivery Pipeline, is supported by the excellent DevOps Health Radar assessment, which goes beyond what we could provide with the APD assessment and often has a different assessment audience. And the second reason, it allowed us to increase the focus of the APD assessment on those critical customer-facing Agile Product Management techniques.

2. New RTE Assessment Available to SAFe Community Members

Although relentless improvement should be the focus for everyone, RTEs have a significant role in driving this core value. Indeed, an effective team of RTEs can significantly accelerate the adoption of SAFe and amplify the subsequent business benefits.

Recently we added the ‘RTE Essentials’ role-based learning for our SAFe Community Members, and I am delighted to announce that an RTE Self-Assessment is now available. Currently accessible via the Comparative Agility Platform and AgilityHealth platforms, this tool will help RTEs identify learning opportunities and create a backlog of growth activities.

3. Updated Measure and Grow Article

We are continually improving our guidance on facilitating the SAFe assessments, based primarily on patterns that emerge from the field and stories that you share with us. The Measure and Grow article has been updated to represent this latest thinking and we will continue to update it as we learn more. The DevOps Health Radar is now also linked from the bottom of this page.

Stay SAFe

— Andrew


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