Figure 3. The DataOps lifecycle

Announcing new guidance for Big Data and DataOps in SAFe

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Announcing new guidance for Big Data and DataOps in SAFe

Some of the largest enterprises in the Global 2000 rely on SAFe’s guidance to build the world’s most important systems. And these systems create lots of data. Each website click, turbine engine rotation, vehicle acceleration, and credit card transaction creates new information about products, consumers, and operating environments. Data has become critically important across the entire enterprise. It influences business decisions, helps create better products, improves the way products are developed, and drives operational efficiencies.

The rapid acceleration of information has led to new practices for storing, managing, and serving massive data collections. Organizations need a unifying approach to collecting, aggregating, governing, and delivering data products to address these challenges. DataOps is a collaborative data management activity across Agile teams, data practitioners, and enterprise stakeholders that leverages Lean-Agile and DevOps mindset, principles, and practices to deliver quality data products predictably and reliably.

Figure 3. The DataOps lifecycle
The DataOps lifecycle

The new advanced topic article Realizing Big Data with DataOps in SAFe describes the critical role data plays across the enterprise. It describes the DataOps process to collect and aggregate data from across the enterprise and provide purpose-built data products for data consumers. And it offers specific practices SAFe enterprises can use to begin and accelerate their Lean-Agile DataOps journey.

You can read the new article here.

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